Neonatal 96hr 0.22 micron endotoxin filter with needlefree access port

Neonatal 96hr 0.22 micron endotoxin filter with needlefree access port below filter and anti reflux valves & clamps

Product EAN: 3660812044028
Vygon Code: 0836.201

About Product

The Ready-Set range is a range of modular I.V. accessories specially designed for neonates and infants. It allows the practitioner to select the most suitable I.V. administration system for these patients.
Benefits of the device:
– Removes the need for additional 3-way taps, ramps and extension lines therefore reducing the risks associated with multiple connections such as air embolism, blood loss…
– Allows the filtration of the infusions thus reducing particules contamination resulting from the mixing of drugs, solutions etc …
– The closed-system needleless connectors (Bionector) fitted on some of the lines allow to reduce the risk of infection.
– Non-return valves avoid backtracking of the infusions in the other lines.

Code 836.201: Ready-Set “Feed”
Polyurethane extension tube with 2 access ports. Total priming volume: 0.90ml
Lumen 1 (15cm long): incorporates a clamp, a 0.22µm filter, 96 hours with low proteic adsorption membrane. This air-eliminating filter is not suitable for blood, blood products or lipids. Priming volume: 0.84ml – Flow rate: 3.5 ml/min
The non-return valve on the distal part of the line avoids the occlusion of the filter by reflux of lipidic solutions if the other line is used for that purpose.
Lumen 2 (2cm long): this line incorporates a closed-system needleless connector (Bionector) and can be used either for intermittent injections of medication or for continuous infusions (e.g. lipidic solutions). Piming volume: 0.24ml – Flow rate: 90 ml/min
Supplied with labels showing the day that the line must be replaced and colour labels to indicate the type of solution or drug infused in each lumen.

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 10

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes

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