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Quality & Innovation in Healthcare

Vygon Support Network

Each customer has the support of their Sales Executive, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and Customer Service Associate to ensure training meets all needs and expectations. Our teams have the expertise and experience to ensure smooth implementation of your custom-designed programme, encompassing the requirements of your NHS Trust Hospital, Department, Clinicians, Procurement and the patient.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Department handles technical enquiries about products, procedural advice and regulatory device issues. They manage all customer product complaints, carrying out investigations and testing where necessary.

From a quality and regulatory point of view our Technical Support Department ensure all of our products meet the safety standards laid down by the European Government, and they are responsible for carrying out internal audits.

If you have experienced a problem with a product supplied by Vygon (UK) Ltd please complete this form and return to us via email.

If you have an enquiry about a product supplied by Vygon (UK) Ltd please complete this form and return to us via email.

Marketing & Product Support

We can customise posters and patient information leaflets to reflect local practice and to ensure your policies and procedures are promoted in-line with best practice guidelines.

Our literature is also a valuable educational tool, including placement techniques, instructions for use and clinical references that support evidence-based practice in-line with Department of Health recommendations.

Training Support

To meet Department of Health guidelines and the requirements of all grades of staff, we can offer a service which provides training and education for your staff. 

Our Sales Executives have the knowledge, both technical and theoretical, to promote ‘Best Practice’ in clinical areas where our products are being used. This means we can update and inform users of any changes that have taken place within their clinical environment, in-line with current Department of Health recommendations.

Commercial Support

Commercially we can offer a number of solutions to suit your needs:

Electronic Ordering
Paperless procurement removes all the traditional processing costs from all parts of the supply chain from purchasing to invoicing. We are able to receive orders in a CXML, XML and CSV format. Or, if you prefer to source Vygon product from NHS Supply Chain, our complete product range is available on their E-Commerce system.

Management Reports
We can provide management reports which contain full details of all your Vygon purchases, whether direct, via NHS Supply Chain or another distributor. Our reports also demonstrate the value of savings and the reimbursement payable to your Trust.

E-Procurement Solutions are available to all our customers. We can provide E-Catalogues, E-Procurement and E-Invoicing. We are experienced in working with a number of e-providers, the main one being GHX.

Supply Routes
You can pick your preferred supply route for different types of purchases. You can choose to buy direct from Vygon, from NHS Supply Chain or from another distributor and make your choice based on the best terms for a particular Vygon product.

Contracts Support
Our Commercial Team is responsible for the administration and compliance of tenders as well as the execution of the contracts. We also meet regularly with all related category managers, from a contract monitoring point of view, to ensure that we look at all commercial elements pertaining to the contract. This allows both parties to consistently review and monitor the contract.