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Posted 12-September-2017 

Vygon collaboration with Royal Devon and Exeter shortlisted for national innovation award

A collaboration between Vygon and the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust to help patients stay at home whilst they receive treatment has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award.  



Posted 30-August-2017 

Using Neohelp™ during delayed cord clamping

The benefits of delayed cord clamping (DCC) in preterm babies have been long debated. On delivery, most preterm babies are in reasonable condition and are only in need of assisted transition, not resuscitation  



Posted 02-August-2017 

Field Safety Corrective Action (FSCA) – PRODUCT RECALL

Product Code: 00027003 (FSY013) Lot/Batch Numbers: 151216FR, 211216FR, 060117FR, 150217FR  



Posted 20-June-2017 

Stay ahead of clinical best practice with Leaderflex

A Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIVC) insertion is one of the most common invasive hospital procedures performed worldwide. It is associated with a variety of complications and a high overall failure rate; both during insertion and when in-situ.*   



Posted 14-June-2017 

National IV Port Cleaning Survey Results are now available to download

Survey shows inconsistency in cleaning practices leaves patients vulnerable to infection  



Posted 26-April-2017 

Enteral feeding: Vygon Group launches safe-enteral.com

Vygon is keen to raise awareness amongst medical staff about the benefits of new standardized enteral connectors and the potential risks when used in premature neonates.  



Posted 07-March-2017 

Press Release: Five ways to benefit from the Vygon MIC-KEY Advantage

Press release: 2nd March 2017  



Posted 06-March-2017 

Vygon (UK) Ltd to host a number of Gastrostomy Study Days across the UK

Vygon (UK) Ltd, a leading supplier of medical and surgical devices will be hosting a number of Gastrostomy study days (GSD) across the UK in 2017.   



Posted 26-January-2017 

Field Safety Corrective Action (FSCA) – PRODUCT RECALL

Following an internal receipting error, 29 x product code: WJKC0100-12LVF, batch: 081216UK have mistakenly been sent to customers who have ordered and are expecting product code: VWJKC0110-12LVF.The difference between the two products are as follows:  



Posted 25-January-2017 

Field Safety Corrective Action (FSCA) – Product Recall

Product Code: SW204501 Lot Number: P8096 Product Code: SW204501 Lot Number: P8251 Product Code: SW223501 Lot Number: P8098 Product Code: SW224501 Lot Number: P8097  



Posted 01-September-2016 

Business Responsibility Report 2015

The 2015 Business Responsibility Report is now available. Once again, the Report is based on the United Nations Global Compact and its 10 Principles, and will serve as our Communication on Progress Report to them.  



Posted 15-August-2016 

Vygon’s two-way valve code 850.00 to be discontinued

Dear Customer, Vygon’s two-way valve code 850.00 to be discontinued Over the last few years there has been a significant reduction in demand for our two-way valve code 850.00. The quantities sold are now so low it is becoming increasingly difficult to manufacturer the product cost-effectively.  



Posted 08-July-2016 

ISO-80369-6 Neuraxial Safety Connectors

This is regarding our range of Neuraxial products and devices that will comply with part six of the ISO80369 small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications standard.  



Posted 22-June-2016 

Vygon to market Secuderm®, a waterproof secondary dressing that protects catheters from infection

Secuderm® complements Vygon’s range of vascular access products and addresses demand from patients and caregivers for an easy-to-use method of securing catheters in day-to-day care.  



Posted 26-May-2016 

Important changes affecting MIC and MIC-KEY enteral devices

We would like to make you aware that there will be a number of important changes made to our MIC and MIC-Key enteral feeding devices over the coming months ,details of which are outlined below: Change to MIC and MIC-KEY extension set material formulation Transition to ENFit compatible products Brand change on MIC and MIC-KEY products.  



Posted 03-March-2016 

Vygon Helps Hernia Charity Deliver Life-Saving Operations

Procedure packs donated by Vygon have been used by specialist healthcare charity Hernia International to help deliver potentially life-saving surgery in Uganda.  



Posted 18-February-2016 

Vygon Group opens subsidiary in Finland

Vygon adds to its Nordic presence, with existing branches in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, by opening a Finnish subsidiary  



Posted 09-February-2016 

Vygon Donates £1,000 to Macmillan Cancer Support Charity in Wiltshire

Healthcare company Vygon, the UK’s leading supplier of high quality medical and surgical disposables has presented a cheque for £1,000 to Macmillan Cancer Support, the charity chosen by its customers.  



Posted 28-January-2016 

Meet Vygon's New Head of Business Development

Ensuring Vygon’s business needs are being identified and developed throughout the UK is a challenge now being taken on by one of the company’s key managers, Caroline Redmond.  



Posted 08-January-2016 

Infections Drop 69 Percent with CUROS and Compliance

PRESS RELEASE  A six month study into staff compliance when using Vygon’s Curos Port Protectors – a passive disinfection device - has shown a 69 per cent drop in patients’ Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections.   



Posted 01-December-2015 

Vygon Acheives Bronze Award for Valuing People

Medical supplier Vygon UK Ltd is a great employer – and that’s official!    The Swindon-based company that employs more than 150 staff across the UK, has just been awarded the prestigious Investors In People accreditation – an international accolade.  



Posted 20-November-2015 

New Online Resource to Support Patients Receiving Homecare

A new website providing vital product information to patients receiving care at home has just been launched by Vygon.  



Posted 04-November-2015 

New website up and pumping!

A new Vygon website dedicated to the latest in infusion technology is now up and pumping!  



Posted 07-October-2015 

Vygon’s New Business Managers Proud To Offer A Bespoke Service With Quality Products

Two new Business Managers have joined Vygon (UK) Ltd this summer covering four specialist areas – PICCs, Midlines and Regional Anaesthesia, and Infusion Technology.  



Posted 08-September-2015 

The Vygon Group buys Perouse Medical

The acquisition will strengthen Vygon’s commercial foothold in France and abroad, and develop a new area of expertise in the cardiovascular market  



Posted 18-August-2015 


FIELD SAFETY NOTICE PREMICATH+STYLET+MICROFLASH INTRO FSN – Identifier: 1504/33989/00 Type of Action: AWARENESS Details of Affected Devices: Product Code: 1261208 (FSU263) Lot Number(s): ALL  



Posted 18-June-2015 

Infection Protection Device Now on Sale Direct to Patients at Home

Patients returning home from hospital with long-term catheters, or receiving intravenous treatment can now buy a vital disinfection device - a Curos Port Protector - online.  



Posted 11-May-2015 

Vygon Sponsors Staff Award at Healthcare Trust

Leading medical product supplier Vygon (UK) Ltd is delighted to be supporting this year’s East Sussex Healthcare Annual Staff Awards – and will this week be presenting a £250 cheque to one of its winners.  



Posted 01-April-2015 

New Product Switch Saves Hospital £13,000

An initiative by Vascular Access experts at Torbay District General Hospital to review and evaluate needle-free devices has led to the Trust switching products and saving itself £13,000.  



Posted 17-February-2015 

Vygon Offers Free Webinar Showing Real Time PICC Placement Using Nautilus

Healthcare professionals in the Vascular Access field have a chance to watch a real time time peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) placement using Nautilus – an ECG-guided catheter tip placement system.   



Posted 15-December-2014 

Vygon (UK) Ltd Donates Supplies to Support West Africa's Fight Against Ebola

Thousands of medical products are being donated to help healthcare professionals working with Ebola victims in Sierra Leone – thanks to Vygon (UK) Ltd – a leading supplier of medical and surgical devices.  



Posted 17-November-2014 

Urgent Field Safety Corrective Action

VYCLIC Colour 3-way stopcock 2FL/1ML  



Posted 17-September-2014 

Urgent Field Safety Corrective Action

16th September, Urgent Field Safety Corrective Action.    MULTICATH EXPERT 5LUMEN 9.5FG/16CMS  



Posted 15-September-2014 

Vygon Introduces New ERP System

As a valued customer, we want to keep you informed about an important change we are making. To improve efficiency of our internal processes and provide more time for customer-facing duties, we are launching a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in September.  



Posted 04-September-2014 

Free ECG Tip Placement Webinar by International Vascular Access Expert

A rare ECG tip placement webinar by international vascular access expert Mauro Pittiruti of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, Italy, is being offered free next month to healthcare professionals, in association with Vygon (UK) Ltd.  



Posted 18-July-2014 

Vygon helps hospitals drive down infections

A new aim at ZERO campaign to help drive down patient infection rates has been launched this month by Vygon UK. The aim at ZERO initiative will target patients with Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) and support the national epic3, Winning Ways and Matching Michigan guidelines in reducing infection rates to zero.  



Posted 01-July-2014 

Enteral feeding products challenge conventional practice

Dozens of Gastroenterology delegates are finding out more about endoscopic gastropexy and its benefits for patients and users.  



Posted 19-June-2014 

Vygon (UK) Ltd Produce Third Business Responsibility Report

Vygon (UK) Ltd has produced its third Business Responsibility Report for 2012 / 2013. The report reconfirms the company’s commitment to sustainable development, and touches on all three pillars: economic, environmental, and social.   



Posted 13-June-2014 

Healthcare Professionals Prepare for Vascular Access Conference in Berlin!

Four UK healthcare professionals are preparing to jet off to this year’s World Congress on Vascular Access in Berlin – thanks to sponsorship from Vygon (UK) Ltd. The four delegates were selected after detailing their proposals on the future of IV therapy within the hospital and community setting over the next five years.  



Posted 05-June-2014 

Green-fingered Staff Support the Environment

Staff from Swindon-based Vygon (UK) Ltd are turning their hands to all things green in support of World Environment Day. To mark the occasion the company held its own Environmental Week and each day staff have been taking part in a series of green-themed activities organised by Vygon’s Sustainability Champions Group.    



Posted 15-April-2014 

Vygon helps you get right to the point

A new range of needles to help pinpoint peripheral nerve sheaths has just been launched by Vygon (UK) Ltd – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality medical supplies. The Echoplex+ needle has been specifically developed for clinicians who use ultrasound and stimulation techniques in peripheral regional anaesthesia.  



Posted 01-April-2014 

NHS Sustainability Day of Action

Here at Vygon (UK) Ltd’s Head Office in Swindon we have been digging deep to support the NHS.  



Posted 19-March-2014 

Howard Paces Himself for Sport Relief

Swindon Facilities Manager Howard Hollister is preparing to step up to the Sport Relief challenge – and colleagues will be hot on his heels to help raise funds for the national charity.    



Posted 20-February-2014 

Let Vygon Know What You Think

Vygon (UK) Ltd is currently reviewing the UK website. We want to be able to offer our visitors the best possible website and would like to know about your experience of using it.  



Posted 13-February-2014 

Win an all-expenses paid trip to WoCoVA 2014

In support of the third WoCoVA event, Vygon (UK) Ltd is sponsoring five delegate places, to include admission to the three-day Congress, flights to and from the event, accommodation and a special evening forum discussion with a panel of international IV experts.  



Posted 07-February-2014 

Vygon (UK) Ltd gets ‘Highly Commended’ for Improving Patient Pathway

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality medical and surgical disposables, Vygon (UK) Ltd, has been Highly Commended for helping a North West NHS Trust improve patient care and save thousands of pounds by developing a VYSET Custom Pack specifically for Adult Acute Services.  



Posted 30-January-2014 

Healthcare Company Vygon (UK) Ltd to Support Timmy Mason Trust and Teckels Animal Sanctuaries.

Vygon (UK) Ltd will be supporting two new charities through its charity committee in 2014 - the Timmy Mason Trust and Teckels Animal Sanctuaries. This is in addition to Macmillan Cancer Support and Wiltshire Air Ambulance which it has been supporting since 2011.    



Posted 15-January-2014 

Protect-A-Line IV Extension Lines

The recent change in the anti-syphon valves of the Vygon Protect-A-Line range marginally increased the mean resistance of these valves, but the Protect-A-Line range remains on a par with most other protected lines on the market.  



Posted 02-December-2013 

Christmas Opening Hours

Reference: Opening hours and order deadlines for the festive season. We’d like to inform you of our opening times and service offering over the forthcoming holiday period.  



Posted 04-September-2013 

Vygon (UK) Ltd Offers a Wide Sharp Safe Offering

Getting a needle-stick injury can be one of the most worrying and stressful things for a healthcare professional, with the risk of viral transfers from patient to doctor. Sharps injuries are one of the most common healthcare injuries and should not be underestimated.   



Posted 23-July-2013 

Vygon (UK) Ltd turns 40 and believes that life is just beginning

Celebrating its 40th anniversary of providing high quality medical and surgical products to the UK healthcare market, Vygon (UK) Ltd believes that life really is just beginning.  



Posted 12-July-2013 

Nautilus Roadshow Success for Vygon (UK) Ltd

Vygon (UK) Ltd ran a series of Nautilus Roadshows at the beginning of June in London, Birmingham and Manchester. We have had some great customer feedback and we were fortunate to have three expert speakers.  



Posted 19-June-2013 

New Products from Vygon (UK) Ltd Aim to Make Life Easier for Healthcare Professionals

With demands on the NHS higher than ever Vygon (UK) Ltd is keen to make everyday procedures easier and safer for healthcare professionals. Our latest product innovations are ArterioSel® and Seldisafe®, designed with current issues and evolving practice in mind.  



Posted 31-May-2013 

Vygon Vet Launches New Website: An Educational Resource for Veterinary Professionals

Vygon Vet has launched its new website focusing on providing veterinary professionals with an easy to navigate website and an educational resource library.   



Posted 29-May-2013 

Vygon (UK) Ltd Support the Swindon Parkinson's Group

The local Swindon Parkinson’s group approached Vygon last summer about using the gatehouse on the Vygon premises to learn and practice African drumming. Since then the group have been using it a couple of times a week to teach Sandra and Keith (as pictured) who have Parkinson’s.  



Posted 21-August-2013 

Vygon’s Procedure Packs containing ChloraPrep® in the UK

Vygon’s procedure packs are becoming increasingly popular in helping UK hospitals reduce the number of stock items required for a procedure thereby improving efficiency by decreasing waste, reducing ordering costs and packaging.  



Posted 29-April-2013 

Nautilus® Roadshow is coming near you!

You are invited to join us on our Nautilus® Roadshow... spaces are limited so reserve yours today! Meet the experts; Mauro Pittiruti, Gemma Oliver and Liz Simcock, expand your knowledge on ECG tip placement, review clinical outcomes and be part of 2013’s hot topic for vascular access...  



Posted 26-April-2013 

Vygon (UK) Ltd have joined the United Nations Global Compact

In-line with our Business Responsibly initiatives we have joined the United Nations Global Compact. We will be aligning our operations and strategies with the ten universally accepted principles, which cover areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.   



Posted 23-April-2013 

Curie-Cancer and Vygon Agree a Partnership

Curie-Cancer and Vygon sign a partnership agreement extension for the development of innovative medical devices. The Curie-Cancer and Vygon partnership will extend over several years and will achieve the development of catheters and implantable ports with increased resistance to nosocomial infections, for launch on the international market.  



Posted 15-April-2013 

VYSET® Custom Packs from Vygon (UK) Ltd Promote Best Practice

Saving time and money as well as reducing set-up time and carbon footprint are all goals the NHS are under pressure to achieve. A VYSET custom pack from Vygon can help you accomplish these and promote best practice at the same time.  



Posted 27-March-2013 

Vygon Vet will be at BSAVA

We will be at BSAVA in Birmingham on 4th - 7th April. Come and see us on stand 810 for your chance to win an ipad mini.   



Posted 19-March-2013 

We did something funny for money

Vygon would like thank everyone who took part in our Red Nose Day events this year.  



Posted 01-February-2013 

Vygon Launches Nautilus® Real-time Catheter Tip Location

Vygon (UK) Ltd has launched an innovative new ECG product designed to help reduce both the patients’ and clinicians’ exposure to X-ray radiation and enhance therapy. Nautilus® helps you find your way during catheter insertion by providing accurate, real-time tip location confirmation.  



Posted 04-January-2013 

Brush up on your skills and attend the next Vygon gastrostomy study day

Don't miss out on our gastrostomy study day on Thursday 28th February at the Hilton Leicester Hotel. Come along and learn about tube handling and maintenance, gastrostomy troubleshooting and ethical issues in enteral feeding.  



Posted 24-December-2012 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Vygon

Our office opening hours over the festive season...  



Posted 18-December-2012 

Vygon (UK) Ltd produces its second Business Responsibility Report

Vygon (UK) Ltd has produced a second Business Responsibility Report. The report concentrates on events and achievements in 2011, but follows a number through to 2012.  



Posted 13-December-2012 

For the second year running we have reduced our Co2 emissions

Following on from a 10.7% reduction in 2010 we can now report a further reduction of 12.98% in 2011. This amounts to 21.32 tonnes of Co2 saved.    



Posted 21-November-2012 

Children In Need

Here at Vygon HQ we raised a whopping £755.68 for Children In Need!  



Posted 07-November-2012 

Chlorhexidine Allergy

A number of cases of anaphylaxis caused by a chlorhexidine allergy due to chlorhexidine impregnated catheters have been reported and the MHRA has issued a new alert to reaction to this issue.  



Posted 02-November-2012 

Vygon launch Curos into the UK

Vygon (UK) Ltd’s new IV port protector is designed to improve hospital infection control and help reduce CRBSI.  



Posted 25-October-2012 

Industrial Development of the Year

Congratulations to ADAPT who recently picked up the award for “Industrial Development of the Year” at the South West Business Insider Property Awards.  



Posted 19-October-2012 

Curos Port Protectors

With the recent successful launch of Curos Port Protectors, Vygon (UK) Ltd have produced www.disinfectingcap.co.uk.  



Posted 17-October-2012 

New TIVA Sets

Vygon (UK) Ltd have launched an improved range of TIVA sets aimed at providing total intravenous anaesthesia from pump to patient.   



Posted 28-September-2012 

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

We are showing our support for Macmillan by staging our own coffee morning. With a plethora of cakes, savoury snacks and hot drinks we are hoping to raise awareness and money for a very worthy cause.  



Posted 24-September-2012 

We will be at Steaming Ahead: The Future of Intravenous Therapy

We will be exhibiting at a new and exciting study day for healthcare staff at the Steam Museum in Swindon on Tuesday 25th September. Guest speakers will be attending from across the NHS and discussing a variety of topics including the risks of IV therapy.   



Posted 13-September-2012 

We are at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress (BEVA)

Chris and Rachel from Vygon Vet are on stand C36 ready to answer your questions. Don't miss out on the chance to find out more about our Advanced Wound Care products and our special congress offer.  



Posted 31-August-2012 

Making Catheter Occlusion a Thing of the Past

Bionector TKO is proven to reduce catheter occlusion by 96.8% which will help avoid delays in critical patient care, reduce unnecessary costs and help reduce the risk of infection.  



Posted 16-August-2012 

Vygon presents Wiltshire Air Ambulance with a cheque for £1,500

Caroline Corrigan from Wiltshire Air Ambulance was invited along to our monthly staff meeting where we presented her with a cheque for £1,500.   



Posted 01-August-2012 

Vygon introduces Value Life

Value Life has been introduced from Vygon France as a company statement, and has been added to our company logo.   



Posted 27-July-2012 

Vygon expands its Bionector range to knock out catheter occlusion and infection in one fell swoop

Vygon adds Bionector TKO® and the Curos® Port Protector to its tried and trusted Bionector range to help you in your battle against catheter occlusion and CRBSIs.   



Posted 06-July-2012 

Vygon features in Business Agenda Magazine

Sue Power the Finance Manager talks to Business Agenda Magazine about our move to Swindon and how 2012 is looking like a healthy year.    



Posted 03-July-2012 

It's a Knockout

Thirty of Vygon's best men and women battled through foam and inflatable's to raise over £1,500 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance during their annual It's A Knockout tournament.   



Posted 27-June-2012 

30 days to go until the Olympics 2012

Vygon has been preparing for the Olympics by working with Trusts affected and reassuring them that deliveries will still be made.     



Posted 25-June-2012 

Limited spaces available on our gastrostomy study in Manchester

Don't miss out on our gastrostomy study day on Thursday 28th June at the Digital World Centre in Manchester. Come along and learn about tube handling and maintenance, gastrostomy troubleshooting and ethical issues in enteral feeding.  



Posted 18-June-2012 

Vygon offer MIC Complete Enteral Care

Vygon are exhibiting their MIC Complete Enteral Care range at the Digestive Disorders Federation 2012 meeting in Liverpool.   



Posted 06-June-2012 

Vygon (UK) Ltd raise over £600 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

A massive congratulations to Caroline Redmond and Lucy Sherry-Harte who completed their first triathlon and raised over £600 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.  



Posted 31-May-2012 

Happy Jubilee everyone!

Everyone at Vygon would like to wish you a happy Jubilee weekend!  



Posted 25-May-2012 

Vygon to tackle needle-free standards at WoCoVA 2012

Vygon are going to be putting issues that impact upon the global standards of needle-free vascular access under the spotlight a dedicated symposium at WoCoVA in June. The presentation at the world vascular access congress in Amsterdam will be led by IV Nurse Specialist, and founder of IVteam.com, Andrew Jackson. He will be joined at the Vygon-sponsored event by a panel of European experts to debate the issues and answer questions from delegates.  



Posted 24-May-2012 

Vygon exhibiting a Obstetric Anaesthesia 2012

In line with the NPSA Part A guidelines, Vygon are exhibiting their latest range of NeuraSafe® spinal needles at Obstetric Anaesthesia 2012.   



Posted 15-May-2012 

Last chance to sign up to the official launch of Bionector TKO

Following our Bionector TKO presentation at NIVAS 2011, we would like to invite you to attend the official launch.   



Posted 10-May-2012 

We've launched on twitter

As part of our work to improve the way we communicate with you, we have joined Twitter. The social media channel will be used alongside our other communication channels to help ensure we reach the right people at the right time and in the right way.  



Posted 02-May-2012 

VENE-K has gone pink!

VENE-K our single-use tourniquet has gone pink, making it more visible while in use. Stocks have just hit our warehouse so watch out for it coming through. 



Posted 01-May-2012 

Look out for Vygon at Anaesthesia 2012

This year Vygon will showcase their new range of NPSA Part A compliant NeuraSafe® spinal needles.  



Posted 25-April-2012 

Would you like to reduce catheter occlusion?

We have something that can help you! Call us today on 01793 748830 to reserve your place at the official launch on 21st May at The Hotel Russell, London.  



Posted 18-April-2012 

Limited spaces available!

Don't forget our gastrostomy study day at Redworth Hall in County Durham on 26th April. Come along and learn about tube handling and maintenance, gastrostomy troubleshooting and ethical issues in enteral feeding.  



Posted 17-April-2012 

BSAVA was a success!

Chris and Rachel from Vygon Vet had a successful few days at BSAVA. Lots of visitors to the stand kept them on their toes the whole way through.